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HCN is a community of medical publishers servicing the information needs of US-based healthcare professionals. The HCN team had the following challenges:

  • The new website needed to have a welcoming and engaging interface that provided personalized news content for healthcare professionals.
  • The content for the site needed to be easy to update and categorize by provider specialty or topic.
  • The site needed to look good regardless of whether or not the news stories used images.
  • Adding imagery for news articles needed to be a simple process.


We’ve continued to partner with HCN and their parent company, DMD, for the past two years. During that time, we’ve developed a relationship with the team that enables us to quickly respond to their needs and add valuable insight.

  • HCN provided examples of the most popular healthcare news websites. From these examples, we were able to pull together a model that felt engaging, personalized and current with a clean interface and clear calls to action.
  • Our practice at Big Orange Lab is to start the project with the “back-end” in mind. We do this to ensure that the process for editing content for any of our websites is intuitive, and the HCN website is no different.
  • To make the process of adding new content as simple as possible, we curated a robust library of images for all of the categories that would be featured on the site.