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We partnered with Breezy Hill Marketing to produce the Farm & Wilderness website. Breezy Hill provided the design and content, and approached us to provide the development and QA. The primary goals for our team were as follows:

  • Improve the admin’s experience amd ability to generate new content quickly, especially for the Resource Library.
  • Migrate all existing resource and blog content over from the existing site.


  • Our team delivered an updated Resource Library system based using a blog template as the foundation. The new process for creating resources is very flexible, and any type of resource can be created from a single blog post template.
  • The Events section was created using HubDB and can easily be updated on the fly as new events arise. Old events automatically are removed from the Events page when the event date has passed.
  • The HubSpot admin was customized to meet the needs of the PatientBond team and ensure that the admin interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. We start both our design and development process¬† with the backend in mind to ensure that the admin experience is consistent and clear no matter what page or module you are editing.

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