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Houston Eye Associates was in the midst of a rebranding project, but wanted to fast-track their website redesign. Not only did they have multiple existing websites that made the user experience confusing, but they also recognized that the competition had already modernized their brand and digital assets.

  • The new design needed to represent Houston Eye Associates as a high-end, yet accessible eye care provider. It also needed to be malleable enough to work with any logo that may be selected during the branding process.
  • Updating the layout, content or images must be simple to do.
  • All existing SEO is maintained with proper redirects in place from the existing site.
  • Find an alternative that enables workflows to take place after a lead is submitted to the site without purchasing HubSpot’s Professional plan that includes built-in workflow features.


  • With our seasoned web team that includes several HubSpot Certified developers, we had a plan in place to effectively migrate the content from Houston Eye Associates’ multiple websites before we even submitted the proposal.
  • We worked alongside Houston Eye Associates’ marketing director throughout the entire process, ensuring that we not only understood the marketing goals she had for their digital presence but that we were also transparent and proactive throughout the process contributing solutions to a wide range of challenges.
  • The new design of the site captured the feeling of comfort and professionalism associated with the eye care that Houston Eye provides while maintaining a level of flexibility to adapt to the new logo and branding efforts already underway.
  • Building on top of HubSpot’s intuitive interface, our team always designs with the backend in mind first, ensuring that the site administrator’s user experience is straightforward and simple.
  • Through a combination of custom coding and using Zapier, we enabled the Houston Eye website to have automated workflows without investing in the more costly Professional Plan from HubSpot.