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We partnered with Breezy Hill Marketing to produce the Farm & Wilderness website. Breezy Hill provided the design and content, while the Big Orange Lab team provided the development and quality assurance. The Farm and Wilderness team found that efficiency was lost having forms, landing pages and emails on HubSpot with the remaining site content and blog on WordPress.

  • The Farm & Wilderness team found the user experience for families and staff visiting the site was ineffective.
  • The content editing experience was a challenge for their staff to maintain efficiently and with consistency because there were several different website admins.
  • The primary conversion path for the site was poorly constructed and visitors got lost along the way.


Although we did not design the site, our team played an integral role creating the user experience and logic for the biggest overall improvement to the site. We met the challenge of matching potential campers with the camp that is right for them by offering two simple questions in the homepage hero:

  1. How old will the camper be in the upcoming summer?
  2. What gender do they identify as?

Using HubDB, and some ninja-like coding, we created a smart and intuitive tool that instantly returnsĀ  camp options that are a match for the potential camper.


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