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  • DMD had an existing HubSpot website with extensive content. Not only did they want to redesign the website, but they also wanted to significantly update the menu to better reflect their current messaging and offerings.
  • The sales team wanted the website to become a powerful tool for them to share with potential customers, but the site architecture was not user-friendly.
  • Their current website’s content was a challenge to update.
  • DMD wanted to be able to feature specific thought leadership content like blog posts, lab reports and webinars throughout their website as well as on the resources page.
  • Adding gated content to the site was extremely inefficient.
  • There was an unexpected request to launch the new site immediately.


  • As we prepared for the planned launch date, the client had an unexpected request that required the site to be launched within days. Due to our existing relationship with the client and advanced preparation for the upcoming launch, we were able to accommodate this unexpected request.
  • By starting with the back-end design and development first, we ensured that the front-end of the CMS would provide a user-friendly content editing experience.
  • We developed a proprietary solution that enabled the marketing team to add new gated content to the site without being forced to create unique emails in HubSpot for each piece of content.
  • Our team worked closely with DMD’s marketing director to ensure that both the menu and overall user-experience was easy to navigate.