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Throughout the past several years, Catalytic has partnered with Big Orange Lab to solve a number of challenges for their digital marketing needs. Our initial engagement included the migration of their current website from the Ghost CMS platform to the HubSpot CMS. Over the past three years, we’ve solved several unique challenges:

  • Build a new website in HubSpot that is as dynamic and exciting as the Catalytic product.
  • Develop custom modules that are easy to update.
  • Develop a site that is “future-proof” — capable of evolving both the content and design without the need for re-coding.
  • Create custom modules that enable complex filtering and data manipulation utilizing the HubSpot API and HubDB features.
  • Enable the marketing team to offer customized user experiences that are trackable and measurable.
  • Create a behind the scenes workflow strategy for their email campaigns


The transition from the Ghost CMS to HubSpot was one of three significant site updates that have been successfully managed as Catalytic’s brand and message continue to be refined. In addition to a thoughtful forward-thinking approach to the development of custom modules and templates, Big Orange Lab has pioneered the development of some very unique features on the Catalytic website. For example:

  • Utilizing the latest in animated CSS and taking full advantage of the HubSpot API, Big Orange Lab has built modules such as animated wheels and scrolling video modules that allows Catalytic to tell the story of their product in the most impactful way while being extremely easy for the Catalytic team to update the content themselves.
  • We have created several customized user experiences that utilize advanced features in the HubSpot API as well as HubDB. For example, creating a robust Resources section with filters, displaying unique content on a Thank You page, or enabling customized messages in the Notification bar to be displayed on a page by page basis.

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