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Caramagno and Associates came to Big Orange Lab looking for specific solutions that would upgrade their existing WordPress website.

  • The number one objective for Caramagno was to generate sales-ready leads. The previous site lacked a clear path for our visitors to find the information they wanted or to contact us about our services.
  • In addition to generating leads, it was also important to educate and engage their customer base. Although they already had a strong blog presence with highly relevant information, they wanted to elevate their perception as a thought leader in the accounting industry and with their customers.
  • It was essential for the navigation to be intuitive, with easy access to all of their services.
  • The new site needed to present the firm as a modern service provider in the accounting industry.
  • The existing content was outdated and no longer effectively communicated the voice of the Caramagno brand.


Although Caramagno’s site remained on WordPress, we installed our user-friendly Custom Panels theme. With this update, Caramagno now has access to easy-to-use drag-and-drop modules that will keep their brand styles consistent and their page layout clean.

  • We provided a revamped sitemap, taking into account missing opportunities to better organize and highlight Caramagno’s services and included highly valued keyword phrases in the updated menu and page titles.
  • The homepage design was a critical piece of the project that created a signature brand for Caramagno & Associates, presenting them as a modern service provider and thought leader in the accounting profession.
  • The user experience that begins on the homepage helps to develop critical pathways to services that were previously hard to find on the site.
  • Within a few weeks, we were able to develop new messaging for the entire site while working collaboratively with them to fine-tune their voice.