Who We've Helped

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Custom built website for Chicago based medical software company to provide a centralized location for medical publications. https://hcn.health



Sagegreenlife builds fantastic living wall systems that bring spaces to life in offices, restaurants and outdoor spaces. They needed a website that showed off all of the amazing spaces they have created. https://www.sagegreenlife.com


Catalytic Rebranding and Launch in HubSpot

We delivered the design and development for Catalytic's new website in HubSpot

Catalytic chose us based on a long relationship with several of their new employees. We designed and developed the entire website in HubSpot. Check it out at www.catalytic.com.



Merging two large Employee Engagement companies into 1 website with a new brand.

Kazoo is the new company created from the merger of YouEarnedIt.com and HighGround. We merged both WordPress websites into a single site and launched with their new brand name and vision. Take a look at www.kazoohr.com.


Cog Systems

Cutting Edge IoT Security with a Brand New Design

Cog is a Sydney-based security company that is growing to meet an international demand for their product. Their product is on the cutting edge of the complex solutions necessary to protect IoT devices from hackers. https://cog.systems


HighGround People Data Page

Interactive Wheel of Product Benefits

The HighGround product captures and can provide a great deal of analytical data about how employees work and where they are happiest. Our task with creating the People Data page was to visually show off all of this information and how it can be delivered to HR, Managers and Executives. HighGround was acquired by YouEarnedIt in July of 2018 to form KazooHR.



Power to the People (You Employ)

We have provided HighGround with ongoing marketing operations and design support since 2016. This work has included several new homepage implementations, a resource center redesign, product pages and landing pages just to name few.


Infogix Home Page

Big Data Makes a Big Change

Infogix wanted to relaunch their homepage alongside a newly branded product suite. Infogix has impressive capabilities when it comes to extracting insights from Big Data. We wanted to show this off without alienating or confusing any site visitors who weren’t technical.

Type: Full Homepage in WordPress


Axiomatics Website Redesign

Mid-Century Scandinavian for Swedish Security Company

Axiomatics is a security company based in Stockholm. They wanted to move from Joomla to WordPress and launch a newly designed website while they were at it. For the new design, we looked for influence in the work of Scandinavian designers from the 50’s and 60’s. https://www.axiomatics.com

Type: Full Redesign of WordPress Theme with Joomla Conversion


Codebashing Website Redesign

Retro Design for Online Cyber Security Training

Note: Codebashing was acquired by Checkmarx.

Codebashing is a London-based cyber security training company.  For their new website design, we looked to video games and television shows from the 80’s. Codebashing was acquired by Checkmarx in July of 2017.

Type: Full Redesign of WordPress Theme


Adgooroo Website Redesign

New Posture for Enterprise Marketing Tech

Client’s Goal: Adgooroo wanted their enterprise visitors to understand they offered the most comprehensive data set in the market.

Type: Full Redesign of WordPress Theme